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Chronicling personal experiences and thoughts on Medium | Aspiring chemist by day | Amateur science writer by night | Say Hi on my blog:

An aspiring writer who loves talking about science, academia, and life

The Author

Whenever it comes to talking about myself, I try to crawl back into my shell. I’ve never been a big fan of promoting myself but to broadcast my writings, it’s imperative that I talk about myself. So, trying to give a glimpse of who I am and why I’m here.


Wigner questioned the unreasonable effectiveness of Mathematics in Science. It appears to be a human brainchild that is not ‘Unreasonably Effective’ but it has been fabricated to be ‘Reasonably Effective’.

Photo: Scientific American

In Science as in everyday life, when faced by a new situation, we start out with some guess. Our first guess may fall wide of mark, but we try it & according to degree of success, we modify it more or less. …

Here’s how not to miss the point with your scientific writings

Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash

“Medieval ‘scientists’ (alchemists, for instance) generally thought of themselves as solitary workers who would penetrate nature’s secrets for their own gain. …

The partner program is only available for a handful of (developed) countries. Developing countries only receive “best wishes” and “thanks”.

I, being a guy from an undernourished nation, am frustrated for many reasons. Julien L/Unsplash

It’s never a privilege to be born in a developing (poor) country. You’re underpaid, overworked, underprivileged, and overwhelmed.

You feel little empowered after watching a ton of motivational videos or…

Vaccine production is backed by taxpayers’ money. And Indians are paying a premium price for their shots.

Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash

Do we pay taxes? Yes, we do. Why do we pay taxes? To develop our beloved nation and for the sake of our own prosperity. Does the money get utilized for that purpose? That’s the elephant in the country. Suddenly, our eyebrows touch the ceiling!

We, the Indians, are (mostly)…

Side hustle is an essential element in 21st century life. One is great, but many are not.

Matt Moloney/Unsplash

Life is too unpredictable. One moment, you’ve got a high-paying job, bills paid, can splurge on expensive vacations. …

Convalescent plasma therapy hardly improves recovery rate or reduce mortality, new study suggests.

Robina Weermeijer/Unsplash

Pandemics aren’t new to humanity. In the last couple of centuries, several pandemics and epidemics have stormed this planet and threatened the existence of human civilization. But humans have learned a lot from them. …

A nutritious diet, continued working habits, and meaningful socialization is key to a long-lasting healthy life.

The modern world has a lot to learn from Okinawa and its small villages. analogicus/Pixabay

What’s the global average lifespan of human beings? According to statistics, it was around 73 years in 2019. Japan has a fairly large contribution to this number and its provinces hold records when it comes to living longer. …

Book Review

This book that talks about Luhmann’s note-taking system and its utility in writing.

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Niklas Luhmann, a 20th-century sociologist, isn’t the name that the world beyond sociologists much discusses. His work wasn’t about how to search alien lives, or how to dissect the DNA, or how to create new particles, or how to build long-lasting habits. …

A mere 14% extra deaths shouldn’t make crematoriums run out of logs and furnaces spit smoke round the clock.

Crematoriums are reeling under pressure. Dimitris Vetsikas/Pixabay

India is facing probably the biggest humanitarian crisis after independence. Crematoriums are reeling under pressure. Hospitals are inundated with the continued flow of new patients. Bed counts are falling short and demand for oxygen is dwarfing its present supply. Death tolls are mounting day by day. …

Sumon Basak

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