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Freelance writer | Experimenting with genres | Soon going to focus on overpopulation | My science writings:

Wigner questioned the unreasonable effectiveness of Mathematics in Science. It appears to be a human brainchild that is not ‘Unreasonably Effective’ but it has been fabricated to be ‘Reasonably Effective’.

In Science as in everyday life, when faced by a new situation, we start out with some guess. Our first guess may fall wide of mark, but we try it & according to degree of success, we modify it more or less. Eventually, after several trials & several modifications, pushed by observations & led by analogy, we may arrive at a more satisfactory guess’

Hungerian Mathematician George Pólya (‘How To…

These suggestions should help you to make the right decision of picking the right book up.

When I finished up ‘How To Take Smart Notes’, I was feeling an urge to try out a new self-help book. Preferably the psychology genre.

Overwhelmed by a lot of projects, I was overthinking everything back then. Making mountains out of molehills was getting accomplished within a snap of a finger. Literally, I was thinking trash about everything. So, I thought what if I dedicate a few weeks to reading a text that addresses the problems of overthinking.

Googling for ‘toxic thought books’ retrieved…

A bigger proportion of people are likely to visit with free articles and subscribe with a less expensive plan.

Medium has turned into a blogging mogul over the last couple of years. They’re able to expand their territory by means of bringing more quality content on the platform. Over the years, many novices, as well as established writers, have joined the platform with an ambition to spread their ideas across.

But writing isn’t always about sharing ideas with the world. It also needs to be fueled by ideas that other minds produce. And that’s where the problem arises. Although Medium allows writers to write without any charges, reading those creative content requires a subscription.

In high-income countries, paying the…

Being knowledgeable enough, now I’d like to rewind back to meet my 2020-self and tell him that the upcoming year is gonna be topsy-turvy.

I returned home in the mid-sem break on March 7th, 2020. Being a final year MS student, I was reeling under pressure. Final semester exams, writing English proficiency exams, applying for grad school admissions. My childish mind was literally upset that why I grew up so fast that I can’t afford a month-long break after final exams. …

I loved the experience of ‘eyes-free’ reading, but my extensive preference for nonfiction left me benefited only a little.

I love experimenting with various ‘genres’ of books. But quite recently, my experiments have expanded to the ‘formats’ of the books. Audiobooks piqued my interest. Thanks to my one-stop shopping destination Amazon and its audiobook subsidiary, Audible.

Back in October 2020, I first listened to a clip of an audiobook on Audible. The voice and the storytelling were so enticing that I thought to give audiobooks a try. But before picking up a subscription, I did some research about audiobooks. …

Newton’s ‘Principia Mathematica’ was sold with a record value of $3.7M.

How much does a science book cost? $50, $500, or $5000?

Well, all of these price tags appear ‘dwarf’ when compared to a recent sale.

New York auction house Christie’s received a bid worth $3.7M for an amazing book.

After the ground-breaking invention of the printing press, a few science books were published.

Over the years, that number had soared up to as demand for communicating science increased.

One such treasure is Principia Mathematica, written by Sir Isaac Newton.

The First Edition of the world-famous physics book was published…

Erik Demaine is presumed to be the youngest faculty member at MIT.

Who is the youngest person to become a tenure-tracked faculty at theMIT?

Erik Demaine is the fellow.

What’s surprising? He joined the top-tier institute at the age of 20, shortly after completing his doctoral dissertation.

Erik turned out to be a whiz-kid at the age of 7.

Traveling North America with his father & skipping to attend general schooling were events of his infancy.

At the age of 12, Dalhousie University admitted him to a BS course.

After graduating at 14, he joined the University of Waterloo to…

Momentary deviation from safety regulations would have costed both eyes of Nobel laureate Karl Berry Sharpless.

Laboratory safety measures are there to take care of us, not to discomfort us.

Don’t take off their safety goggles, put off aprons, & remove gloves.

Nobel laureate Karl Sharpless suffered a trauma in the lab, costing him an eye.

In 1970, Karl received an appointment as an assistant professor at the MIT.

He used to take safety measures in the lab as rituals & never take them lightly.

But one day, he unintentionally crossed the boundary only to face consequences.

That day, at…

Prof. Springer turned a billionaire once his stake in Moderna manifolded.

During this pandemic, a handful of businessmen has got richer by billions.

Scientists ain’t those people whose net worth grew drastically, except one.

Harvard University Prof. Timothy Springer has made it to the billion-dollar bracket.

Serial investor Springer started a biotech firm in the 1990s.

After going public, his company was acquired by Millennium Pharma & Springer made a $100 M fortune from it.

In 2010, he invested $5 M in Moderna in exchange for a 3.5% stake.

Moderna was the first company to start promising Covid vaccine human…

Köhler was perceived as lazy & aimless by his doctoral advisor.

Navigating through academia to reach to top isn’t an easy task.

Performing excellent consistently hardly happens with genuine exceptions.

Georges Köhler, an average & ‘lazy’ grad student, later received Nobel Prize.

Köhler, an introverted student at a German school, had little interest in academics.

His performance in 6th grade had peculiar similarities with that of 11th grade, except he grew an intense interest in sports.

Minimum academic work was done to avoid repeating a grade.

Graduating from high school, he opted for a diploma course in biology.

During that…

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