Bengu Sezen did experiment manipulation & data forgery to get doctoral degree.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

What do you do when your experiments don’t work out?

You reach out to your supervisor or lab mates for troubleshooting.

Certainly, you don’t fake your research like Bengu Sezen did.

Her case is a well-known example of fraud in the recent history of Chemistry research.

Sezen joined Columbia University grad school to pursue a doctoral degree in Chemistry.

Her supervisor Prof. Dalibor Sames was a highly supportive guide.

But apparently, the support was exploited intentionally for a 5-year long period.

Sezen had publications in high IF peer-reviewed journals, like JACS.

But her experiments, as well as data, were non-reproducible.

The issue was raised by her lab mates which was dismissed by Prof. Sames.

Even the whistleblowers themselves were laid off from the lab because of their skepticism.

As other scientists also raised reasonable questions against it, her articles got retracted.

She faked her experiments & doctored her data.

Columbia University canceled her Ph.D. upon credible investigation.

But Prof. Sames felt no proceedings & his promotion wasn’t sanctioned anyway.

Data manipulation isn’t an art, it’s a condemnable offense that should be punished with dire repercussions.