The Most-valued Science Book

Newton’s ‘Principia Mathematica’ was sold with a record value of $3.7M.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

How much does a science book cost? $50, $500, or $5000?

Well, all of these price tags appear ‘dwarf’ when compared to a recent sale.

New York auction house Christie’s received a bid worth $3.7M for an amazing book.

After the ground-breaking invention of the printing press, a few science books were published.

Over the years, that number had soared up to as demand for communicating science increased.

One such treasure is Principia Mathematica, written by Sir Isaac Newton.

The First Edition of the world-famous physics book was published back in 1687.

Royal Society couldn’t afford to sponsor it so contemporary British astronomer Edmond Halley edited & funded the print.

One copy of the book was presented to King James II which was sold in 2013 for $2.5M.

Christie’s handed over the goat-skin clad book to the bidder who stayed anonymous.

What’s special about the book?

It contains Newton’s epoch-making three laws of classical physics.

But this expensive auction doesn’t come close to a religious text from the 1640s, sold in 2013 with a winning bidder fetching $14.2M petty cash for that.

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