The Youngest MIT faculty

Erik Demaine is presumed to be the youngest faculty member at MIT.

Prof. Erik Demaine

Who is the youngest person to become a tenure-tracked faculty at theMIT?

Erik Demaine is the fellow.

What’s surprising? He joined the top-tier institute at the age of 20, shortly after completing his doctoral dissertation.

Erik turned out to be a whiz-kid at the age of 7.

Traveling North America with his father & skipping to attend general schooling were events of his infancy.

At the age of 12, Dalhousie University admitted him to a BS course.

After graduating at 14, he joined the University of Waterloo to pursue a doctoral degree.

Erik worked under the supervision of Anna Lubiw & Ian Munro.

His Ph.D. thesis on Computer Origami garnered the elite’s appreciation.

The work was laurelled with Canadian Governor’s Gold Medal from the university & NSERC Doctoral Prize for the best Ph.D. thesis & research.

Erik was appointed a faculty member at MIT by the age of 20 & believed to be the youngest professor in the history of the institute.

He received the MacArthur fellowship at the age of 22, the so-called ‘Genius Grant’.

Presently, he’s a professor at MIT’s Computer Science department, recipient of numerous accolades, & holder of an honorary doctorate from Bard College at the age of 39 only.

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